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Cosplay competition entrants at SunnyCon 1



  • Where is SunnyCon Anime Expo held?
    SunnyCon Anime Expo will be held at St James Park, Newcastle, NE1 4ST
  • When does SunnyCon Anime Expo Newcastle take place?
    SunnyCon Anime Expo Newcastle is held in June. Our next event is set to be held over the weekend of June 21st - 23rd 2024.
  • What time does SunnyCon Anime Expo Newcastle open and close?
    Opening and closing times for attendees are as follows; FRIDAY: 12pm to 6pm SATURDAY: 10am to 6pm SUNDAY: 10am to 6pm
  • How do I get my tickets?
    Tickets can be only purchased via our tickets page, on our Facebook event page and directly from the event page on Eventbrite. There will be a limited number of special tickets available, V.I.P & Premium. No more of these will be available once they have sold out.
  • Where can I pick up my VIP/Premium extras?
    There will be a set desk at the venue where you can collect your items. Upon entry you will be given a ticket to use to collect your items. Hand this in to collect your items from the desk. You can only collect your items if you have this ticket available so please keep it safe.
  • Are tickets available to buy offline?
    Yes, however only on the weekend of the event. (If they haven't sold out before then)
  • I notice we have to pay a booking fee, what is this for?"
    Our ticket provider for Newcastle, Eventbrite, charge a booking fee for each individual ticket sold. Booking fees are not uncommon with top notch ticket providers and the extra costs go toward many things. Costs are split between their staff wages, support and servers. Costs also cover things like our ticket scanners and on site support over the weekend. This means we are able to offer instant, safe and secure event tickets and means we can process attendees faster meaning for drastically shorter queues on the event weekend.
  • Is SunnyCon Anime Expo Newcastle Disability Friendly?
    SunnyCon Anime Expo Newcastle is a fully accessible event. If you have any special requirements please contact us at or check out the venue policies. We will also have a British Sign Language interpreter present at the more popular panels and talks.
  • Are there tickets available for carers?
    Sunnycon offers free tickets for all personal assistants (carers). All are entitled to free entry to help with their one to one care and tickets can be obtained by providing us with the following evidence; ​ - Front page of DLA / PIP (no specific rate) - Front page of Attendance Allowance letter (no specific rate) - Evidence that registered severely sight impaired (blind) - Recognised Assistance Dog ID card - Credability's Access Card ​ Evidence can be sent to us via e-mail and we can send tickets out before the event. Any other forms of evidence different from those listed above may be considered on a case to case basis.
  • Am I allowed to take photographs and videos?
    We welcome you to take as many photographs and videos as you can, although please be aware that if someone asks you not to then please respect their wishes. Any form of harassment will be treat seriously and will lead to you having to be removed from the event. No photography or videos are allowed to be taken for financial gain, they are only allowed to be used for personal use unless cleared and agreed with a member of the SunnyCon Anime Expo management in writing
  • Will any photos of me be taken or will I be filmed?
    Because of the nature of SunnyCon Anime Expo we attract a lot of press and media attention, what this means is that there are always many film crews, photographers, publications and broadcasters in attendance. If you are to be filmed you will be asked permission beforehand, where possible, unless you end up in the background of a shot. By attending SunnyCon Anime Expo Newcastle you are agreeing that you are allowing press and SunnyCon Anime Expo crews to use your image in productions and for press and promotion however if there are any images or footage you wish us to remove from our promotions please feel free to contact us and we can take them down. The areas of filming can be anywhere within and around the venue grounds.
  • Outside Food and Drink
    St James does not allow outside food and drink in the venue. There is food and drink for sale inside the venue and in shops/restaurants around the area however the venue wont allow outside food to be brought in over the event weekend.
  • Do the guests sign autographs?
    Guests are more than willing to sign anything for you however as part of line control we have to implement some restrictions to make sure everyone gets the chance. Restrictions are; Max of 4 items only. Time is a factor and to make sure everyone gets the chance we have limited it to only 4 items to be signed Only 1 photograph per signing, again as with signings to make sure more fans get to meet the guests we ask that you only take one photo with guests. Be polite, when meeting a guest please don’t point a camera at them or demand they do the voice. If you are after a catchphrase ask beforehand and get permission to film. No line jumping/keeping spaces, pretty self-explanatory……. No inappropriate items to sign, please use common sense only bring items relevant for guests to sign e.g video game boxes, posters, t-shirts are acceptable. Your bum, a baby, genitalia or pornography is not suitable for signings (yes all have been asked for at previous events)
  • Is there bag storage or a cloakroom at the venue?
    Yes, SunnyCon Anime Expo Newcastle runs a cloak room will be available over the weekend to drop off all cosplay, coats and bags. It will be on all floor plans and signs through the venue. The cloakroom charges a small fee to cover it's running.
  • What are the rules on weapons?
    We don't allow real weapons but prop weapons are allowed. We ask they be no bigger than 1.5 meters in height and made out of safe materials such as foam or soft woods. Outside of the convention we ask you transport prop weapons by concealing them as they can cause alarm to the general public.
  • Where can I find lost items?
    From time to time people lose items at SunnyCon Anime Expo Newcastle but not to worry we have a lost property box situated at the front registration desk and anything handed in will be there. If you discover something missing after the convention then e-mail us at Please take care of all possessions over your weekend.
  • What days can I see the guests?
    All SunnyCon Anime Expo Newcastle guests attend all days of the event however they will be scheduled in places and you will have to see the timetable when it is completed to see which guest will be where and what they will be doing.
  • What is the policy with 12's and Under tickets?
    Children 12's and under can enter the convention for free with a paying adult. There is a limit of no more than 2 12's and under to one paying adult. Tickets can be booked on our tickets page.
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