The following information is our terms and conditions of attendance at SunnyCon events, if you are planning to be in attendance please read these carefully.

Ticketing Information


There will be no admittance into the venue without a valid ticket.


All tickets are non refundable including if you miss the event for any reason. In the event that a guest/s cancel due to unforeseen circumstances or if the event dates change, the convention goes bankrupt, the venue changes, Trump hits the Nuke button or god strikes us down with plague etc we won't be able to refund.


You are permitted to sell on tickets however selling on for a profit or 'scalping' is not permitted and anyone found to be making a profit from SunnyCon Anime Expo ticket re-sales will have the ticket invalidated and it will not work when scanning. You may sell for only face value and under.


Tickets can be used as prizes for 3rd party competitions and give-aways however this must be cleared with us first. If you are interested in having tickets for competitions then we do offer promotional tickets for PR purposes please contact if interested.


If you lose a ticket Eventbrite will send out a replacement just click the support button on the ticket page and fill in the form.


Upon entering the event you will be given a security wristband/badge. All wristbands must be collected before end of day (Friday 5PM, Saturday 5PM) without a wristband you will be denied entrance into the venue. It is imperative you keep this safe and visible for quick inspection over the weekend. If you damage or lose it there will be no replacement due to an abuse of the system in previous years, we are taking a zero tolerance policy to prevent fraud. We ask upon entering that any head gear, helmets or hats be removed for security purposes. Please take care as to not over tighten wristbands as they are a security lock system.


SunnyCon Anime Expo staff have the right to ban anyone. If you become banned your entry is forfeit and refunds will not be given. Your ticket will be invalidated on our system and you will not be able to enter the event.  This policy also goes through the weekend of the event. It is rare that we ban anyone but it is always done with good reason and banning orders are given verbally and in writing when available alongside the reason for banning. SunnyCon Anime Expo is a private event and final decision is the chair womans.

Cosplay Etiquette


This is for general cosplayers at the event for cosplay competitions please see our Cosplay Page


SunnyCon Anime Expo encourages everyone to cosplay regardless of ability, gender, body type or sexual orientation. Cosplay is for everyone and anyone, we have a fantastic community here in the north east and we strive to make sure everybody feels comfortable at our convention.


If you are attending but not in cosplay this is also fine, there is no rule against attending in normal clothing.


We could sit here and write out a 50 page dossier of rules and regulations on props and weapons but we opt for a common sense rule. The main points are no real weapons, all guns must have no ammo and orange tips, swords must be blunt, there is a height limit of 2 meters max and most importantly is your behaviour when in possession of these weapons. If you swing them around recklessly, threaten or cause damage or harm to the venue or fellow attendees you will be made to pay and possibly face criminal charges. Be aware of your surroundings be careful and have fun and remember USE COMMON SENSE.


We allow any type of cosplay however due to us being an all ages convention it is highly advised your cosplay is tasteful and not to the point you are walking around in your underwear.


We advise you check in advance for weather and prepare your cosplay accordingly. SunnyCon cannot be blamed or held liable or responsible in anyway for the elements. We thought this was something we wouldn't have to state however after previous SunnyCon events the majority of complaints have been weather related. We strive to help with coping with the weather however we have no mastery over mother nature at all if it rains, snows or is overly hot. It is your responsibility to prepare the correct cosplay to help with your surroundings.


SunnyCon has a zero tolerant approach to harassment and bullying. All forms from verbal bullying to sexual harassment is not acceptable in any way shape or form. These type of acts are not tolerated at the convention or in everyday life. Anyone found to be harassing or bullying anyone will be banned and police will be informed.


There will be a cosplay station available for anyone looking for repairs and patching up cosplay outfits. This is available for all cosplayers however priority is given to those competing in the contests.


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