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2022 Panel Applications CLOSED


Blood Type Personality Test

We are proud to be linking up with the NHS Blood and Transplant department to bring you a unique and fun opportunity you wont see at any other event. Over SunnyCon weekend attendees will have the oportunity to participate in a special attraction where you can find out your blood type and as a way of saying thanks you can get a special SunnyCon designed postcard to match your blood type and your personality traits based on the Japanese pseudoscience of blood personality.

More details will be announced closer to the event as some terms and conditions apply

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Two Rooms and a Boom with Meeple Perk!

Come and join us for the large scale social deduction game Two Rooms and a Boom! There are two teams, one is a blue team and they have a President that they would like to stay alive. The other team is Red, and they have a Bomber that they hope to use to kill the President. Players are split randomly between two rooms/areas and over the course of 5 rounds, players must figure out who is on their team and complete their objectives. At the end of each round, a hostage exchange happens to move a number of players between the two areas. Ran by Drew Gotobed and Rhi Oxley of Meeple Perk, Newcastle's friendly neighbourhood board game cafe it's the perfect way to enjoy this game for up to 30 players! 


The Godzilla Game Show

The Godzilla Game Show, where four lucky contestants will take on the roles of Mothra, King Kong, Mechagodzilla and King Ghidorah, and compete in a series of puzzles, games, quiz's, and more, all for a chance to win prizes and ultimately a chance to prove their worth in a final showdown with the King of the Monsters himself; Godzilla!

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Idol Performance by EIRA

EIRA is a j-idol inspired performer based in South West England. Her specialty is high-energy dance and her setlists include a range of jpop, anisongs, vocaloid, mainstream and alternative idol tracks as well as her own self produced music. After a very successful international debut at Starlight Idol Festival in Atlanta, USA, EIRA is hoping to make her 2020 performances her most vibrant yet, and you're invited to join the fun!

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FCA: His Butler, Unable To Think of a Good Title

The Funtom Cosplay Association would like to welcome you along to our Black Butler panel! We will be hosting a variety of events, including Q&A both in and out of character, truth or dare between panel members and a quiz to test your knowledge, complete with some fabulous prizes.

"This is the last time we let Sutcliffe name the event" - William T Spears, probably. 

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Blue Exorcist Blind Reading

Reading through another anime, this time tackling a random episode of Blue Exorcist, split up into three acts to keep it fresh and give all audience members a chance to choose an impression for a role out of three, such as Ryuk, Asui Tsuyu or even Rock Lee. Anything can happen depending on the roles chosen as we have no idea who the audience will pick.

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Dub or Sub!?

Dub or Sub, is a quiz show separated into two categories, one for attendees that watch anime in English Dub, and those who prefer to watch it in Japanese with subtitles. Contestants will be chosen if they have their hand up, hoping that all audience members can have a go. Each category has ten ranks of difficulty, the contestant will pick a number between 1 and 10 each time to randomly pick one, landing on either trivia, audio and visual cues such as screenshots or music. (Guessing the anime the screenshot or music is from). They do start out with one Dragon Ball which can be used at any time for hints...aside from Lightning Rounds. Dragon Balls can also be used to pick a specific question type instead of a number. They can earn more Dragon Balls by going more descriptive with their answer, like not just naming the anime the music is from but giving the name of the track. Lastly, if the contestant gathers 7 Dragon Balls they can skip an entire question.

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Skate With Yuri on Ice

Having a chance to meet the characters of the anime Yuri On Ice with games, a Q&A it’s a comedic and family-friendly fan ran panel.


Danganronpa Q&A

Welcome to the danganronpa Q&A Panel! Here you will be able to ask questions to the cast of all Danganronpa Games, including Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Danganronpa: Goodbye despair, Danganronpa V3 killing harmony and finally Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls!”

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My Hero Academia Cheer Squad 

Come join another academic year in the world of My hero academia where class 1A played a simple game of rock, paper, scissors and some lost having to wear the cheerleading outfit. With some comedy performances and acting please come along with questions to be answered for our Q&A segment in which our wonderful students will answer your questions!


RFA Party! (Mystic Messenger)

This is a panel of cosplayers in character from Mystic Messenger (A Korean dating sim game). Asking audience members for questions, a truth or dare segment and be playing games as the characters. 


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Anime Room 101

With myself as gatekeeper to Room 101, 3 preselected guests will be brought Infront of the audience to convince me that Thier least favourite part of the Anime Fandom should be banished forever, there will also be a small section of audience participation so be ready with your own personal shames to take part, also venue willing the drinking game shall return, so make sure you visit the bar beforehand lest you end up thirsty

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Hentai Panel

If you are looking for a panel with tips on how to make your fowl look dapper in some of the best neck accessories this decade then this isn't the panel for you.

If you are looking for the more adult and shall we say *ahem* exotic side of Japanese animation then this is for you.


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Fantastic Butts And How To Draw Them

This is a special art workshop from AngelKat Entertainments.


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Old School Otaku

A panel dedicated to old school anime from the '80s and '90s, with a discussion of some challenges associated with being an otaku back in the day. The panel will feature a discussion on the incorrect use of 'Manga' as a genre due to the dominance of 'Manga video'. Legendary titles and the influence they continue to have on the genre today. There will also be an opportunity for sharing stories for anyone else who is an old school otaku, or for questions to be asked by those with further burning questions. (note: as a lot of old school Otaku releases were 18 rated, the panel would be rated accordingly)

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Franco Cosplay Comedy

It's 45 minutes of stand-up comedy talking about the evolution of conventions, the perception of US and UK conventions, cosplay and fictitious stories you will hear are true! Also talked about of how memes and social media affects the cosplay community to this day, to which you may ask yourself "Why the (expletive) is he here ?!?" Must be 18 years old and over. Sorry, no refunds!


An Introduction to Korean Horror

Zombies on a train, ghosts of war, authoritarianism in an all-girls high school, you'll find all this and more in Korean horror cinema. From classics such as The Housemaid (1960) to recent hit's like Train to Busan (2016), we'll explore films raging from the golden age of Korean cinema, the countries resurgence of horror in the late 1990's, and up to the present day. Prepare for frights, prepare for blood, prepare to face the terror of the human condition. Welcome to Korean Horror.