We hope you are all doing well in these unprecedented times.


Where to start...

We had hoped that after the vaccine rolls out things would return to normal and we could go ahead as normal but most times life is just not as simple.


So here's what is happening so far. A new variant of Covid, Omnicron, has been discovered and has a greater transmission rate than that of the Delta varient but the symptoms are much milder. As worrying as this might seem and given the media hype you might think that we are in for more lockdowns and cancellation misery. 


However, it is still the early stages of what we know about this new variant, and early research is looking promising. At the time of writing  (Early Dec 2021) current vaccines (with boosters) look as if they are effective vs Omnicron however all government guidelines are overly cautious. Measures such as vaccine passports and masks are implemented and as we fall into the large events category we would be subject to such public health restrictions.


Now, these measures are looking to be short-term as more information becomes available and will change come June 2022. But keep this in mind as if we get another drawn-out wave of infection then the government may make vaccines a mandatory requirement to attend events like ours alongside passports and lateral flow tests. As for overall prospects of running, it's looking good. With events returning as normal and low infection rates thanks to global immunity there is no reason not to run as normal. Of course, the worst-case scenario is a more aggressive vaccine-resistant variant occurs which could potentially set us back but the odds of this are low.


We want to thank you for your time and patience during the past 2 years as it has been a strain for us and all we want is a weekend of enjoying our passions with those we love around us. Keep healthy and we will see you all in June 2022.