We hope you are all doing well in these unprecedented times.


After 2020 we had to postpone our event not fully knowing the full extent of the pandemic or how we were going to overcome it. Move forward one year and despite progress being made and we have a roadmap out of the pandemic the timing has unfortunately been unkind to us. We had hoped on a faster roll-out of vaccines alongside improving transmission rates but as we entered 2021, and our 3rd lockdown, our optimism to be able to run in 2021 and celebrate what would have been our 10th anniversary, quickly disappeared.


After assessing the current state of affairs with the vaccine roll-out and the government's roadmap the decision was taken to postpone our 2021 event and move to the new dates of June 24th - 26th 2022. This was due to the uncertain nature regarding the June 21st date end and the fact the majority of attendees wouldn't have received their first immunization jab by the time we run. This would have created an unsafe environment to run an event in and despite the government lifting all restrictions there would be a high potential our event could become a super spreader event and the majority of attendees won't have immunity. Attendee safety is always a priority and a risk we are not willing to take with your health.


We now have certainty, come 2022 we know that the majority of the population will be immunized and events like ours will be fully safe to run. Despite missing out on 2021, we now have 2022 dates and we hope to have an online presence over what would have been our 2021 dates as well as a potential Kickstarter for 2021 merch and we are looking at the possibility of running a Chibi Sunnycon once everything is 100% safe.

All ticket holders and traders have been informed of the transition from 2021 to 2022. We hope this is the final COVID-19 update we have to make and we can't wait to see you all as soon as it's safe to do so.