Hello everyone,

Happy New Year and we wish you well for the coming 2021.


2020 was a very challenging year for us all. We have seen this pandemic take its toll on our friends, family, and the community as a whole. As we enter 2021 we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support throughout the last year and we hope you all stay safe as we look for the light at the end of the tunnel and hope to return to some form of normal life during the coming months. With all this said we'd also like to inform you all of our current position with regards to running SunnyCon in June.


Throughout 2020 we have been monitoring the news and progress of the vaccine. Now with approval and roll-out of the vaccine beginning, we are feeling hopeful. This all being said, situations do change as we have already seen when entering a third national lockdown and the current landscape.


Our faith in the estimated government numbers of vaccine distributions is low. So below we have gone through some of the powers at play and what exactly we need to be able to run ahead;

  • Vaccination numbers need to be rolled out at a quicker rate to immunize as many people as possible. Current UK numbers are that the Gov is aiming to get 2 million people vaccinated per week, this means by June we could be looking at 1/3rd to 2/3rd's of the population to have some immunity. This could still be not enough of the population immunized to be able to run large scale events.

  • We need clear instruction on large gatherings and events before the current lockdown winds down in March. There has been little to no guidelines in relation to events like ours since the pandemic began. Other than that, you can't go ahead, we have had no information. We have not even had a rough timetable of when we could think about running again. Ourselves and the venue would require concise rules regarding running an event and if none are forthcoming soon then we won't have enough time to plan for any of the modifications needed to run safely.

  • As well as needing time to plan the event safely, we need the time to plan everything else with the event as well as time for ticket sales and income towards the event. This includes many aspects such as planning for everything that will take place, planning for each room and layouts, time to order event items such as wristbands, ordering shirts/totes and badges, gathering artwork, time to book flights, etc. and that is just some of what needs to be done well in advance of the event. All of which would be needing to be covered from future event income from ticket sales.

  • We are hoping for a government-backed insurance scheme to be rolled out for summer events like ours to give us security and confidence to go ahead with promotions. Tickets are still on sale at this time however, if 2021 was to be delayed all tickets would be moved to our next SunnyCon.

  • Any guests who are announced are subject to change. Whereas we will strive to get travel arrangements in place for the event, there is a chance that international travel restrictions may play a part in this. We will strive to make suitable arrangements to try and keep our event schedule as close to what we want but there is a high chance that things out of our control will change.


We are continually following the situation as it evolves and changes and we would have liked to give this statement today as a sign that normality was returning soon. We would have liked to be able to give assurance that we could celebrate our 10th year in 2021 with little to no disruption to the event however at the time of writing we just don't know. We hope to have a clearer picture in the coming weeks. We look to update you all around about March and if needed again at the start of May when we have more information and dependent on the new rules as and when/if they get announced. Until then please stay safe, wear a mask, and hang in there with all of us here at SunnyCon, we hope to see you in June.

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